Thursday, January 27, 2005 Project details for Webmin Project details for Webmin - "Changes:
Password timeouts are now enabled by default to prevent brute-force password guessing attacks. A SMART Drive Status module was added along with support for TARing multiple directories and chaining backups in the Filesystem Backup module. Numerous improvements were made in the LDAP Users and Groups module. Solaris 10 support was improved. Support for sending problem reports using SNMP traps was added to the System and Server Status module. Support for tracing process system calls in real time on Linux and Solaris was added in the Running Processes module.
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The legal case management system is a Web application aimed for use by not-for-profit legal advice centers. It currently supports recording case information and its follow-ups. It also provides statistical information on the clients.



This is out of Bulgaria, but does have an English language version.  May be of use. 

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Second Mozilla Developer Joins Google. Following news that lead Firefox engineer Ben Goodger has been hired by Google, fellow Mozilla developer Darin Fisher has announced that he, too, has joined the search giant. With at least two high-profile browser developers under its belt, rumors have begun swirling about Google's future plans with the Mozilla platform. [BetaNews.Com]
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Linux Live 5.0.7 (Default branch). Screenshot Linux Live is a set of bash scripts which allows users to create their own live CD from any Linux distribution.
This release fixed some issues and now tries to find the correct chroot binary at the end of booting. [ announcements (Global)]
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