Monday, January 03, 2005 Project details for FPDF Library Project details for FPDF Library - "FPDF is a PHP class which allows developers to generate PDF files with straight PHP, without using the PDFlib library."
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PlaySMS - Mobile Portal System (MPS)
PlaySMS - Mobile Portal System (MPS)- "PlaySMS is a flexible Web-based Mobile Portal System (MPS) that it can be made to fit to various services such as an SMS gateway, personal messaging systems, corporate and group communications, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing, content management system (CMS), e-learning, mobile emergency services, mobile entertainment, mobile information services, and mobile commerce (m-commerce). "
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NewsForge | Building a distro

NewsForge | Building a distro - "You download a CD or maybe a diskette image, transfer it to the appropriate media, boot your computer with it, and voilà, you're running Linux. It sounds so simple -- but a great deal of work goes into creating that software. Beginning about two years ago, I spent a year and a half building a desktop-oriented GNU/Linux distribution named MfxLinux, designed to be tightly integrated with Crowell Systems' Medformix medical office management system. Along the way, as with any project a lot of design and implementation decisions had to be made -- some of which worked out better than others."

This distro was designed specifically to use with a Linux-based medical office management system.  So, here's the question: what about the legal field?  Can a law office management system based on Linux be developed?  And a distro to go with it?  Sure it could.

9:46:27 AM    comment []  trackback [] Project details for Open Clip Art Library Project details for Open Clip Art Library - "The Open Clip Art Library is a collection of royalty free (public domain) clip art in SVG format, enhanced with creative commons metadata. It can be redistributed with free software or closed software and with various software distributions. "
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Microsoft: Passport Contracts to be Phased Out
Microsoft: Passport Contracts to be Phased Out - "Two days after eBay's decision to drop support for two key .NET applications, Microsoft continues to stand behind its single sign-on Passport service in comments to the media. But BetaNews has learned Microsoft has no plans to renew contracts for Passport with third-party sites.
Microsoft's initial comments Wednesday evening to BetaNews were quite vague as to the company's true position on the future of Passport.
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Slashdot | TiVo to Go Released

Slashdot | TiVo to Go Released

TiVo to Go Released
Posted by Hemos on Monday January 03, @07:52AM
from the go-forth-and-experiment dept.
SimCityHippy wrote to us with the news that TiVo has TiVo To Go. Right now, the To Go feature is supported only on Windows XP & Win2k; no word on whether the feature will be rolled out to OS X or WinME. It's also interesting to note that while they recommend Windows MP, VLC gets a nod as well.

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