Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Linux MIDI: A Brief Survey, Part 4 | Linux Journal
Linux MIDI: A Brief Survey, Part 4 | Linux Journal:"In this installment of our tour of Linux MIDI software, we look at some experimental MIDI music-making environments. I've divided this class of software into command-line and GUI-based applications. Regardless of interface, the user is expected to employ a more than average amount of brainpower to get the best results from this software. With that warning in mind, let's first look at some language-based environments designed for the experimental MIDI musician."
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Modeling User Workflows for Rich Internet Applications. Plan efficient RIAs by analyzing user interaction creating workflow diagrams, and incorporating rich interface components. [Macromedia Developer Center RSS Feed January 18, 2005]
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Creating a Dynamic Playlist for Streaming Flash Video. Switch out videos without editing your Flash file—control video playlists externally through XML. [Macromedia Developer Center RSS Feed January 18, 2005]
10:53:08 AM    comment []  trackback [] Project details for Online Recruitment Agency Project details for Online Recruitment Agency - "Online Recruitment Agency is Web-based recruitment agency software. You can manage all of your recruitment efforts on your Web site, and set up job locations, categories, departments, and job titles from the Web interface as an admin user. Regular users can then add/edit/delete jobs. The public interface can be very easily customized to your site design using templates. On the public page, potential employees can search the job listings or view by category or department. "
9:08:41 AM    comment []  trackback [] Project details for Arsenal Project details for Arsenal - "Arsenal is a group collaboration and conferencing platform. It supports presence, instant messaging (1:1 and group), sending notes and files, a shared whiteboard, Web browsers, a file repository, and persistent sessions. It has a plug-in architecture for easy extensibility. SIP for audio and video conferencing is planned. "
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