Thursday, January 20, 2005

SightSpeed 3.0. SightSpeed is a very good way to keep in touch with friends and family, and there's no reason it couldn't be used for business conferencing as well. [PC Magazine: New Product Reviews]
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Top Ten Law School Tuition Hikes. Leiter Reports: Law Schools with Largest 10-Year Tuition Hikes The Leiter Reports, by UT Law Professor Brian Leiter, has listed the Top-Ten Law Schools with the Largest 10-Year Tuition Hikes, taken from 1993-2003 data published in this month's National Jurist. [BoleyBlogs!]
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Novell puts weight behind Windows e-mail client - Computerworld
Novell puts weight behind Windows e-mail client - Computerworld - " Novell Inc. has thrown its weight behind a fledgling effort to develop a Windows version of the Evolution groupware client, a move that the Waltham, Mass., software company hopes will give Windows desktop users an open-source alternative to Microsoft Outlook.
Like Outlook, Evolution is a suite that includes e-mail, calendaring and address-book software. A version for Linux desktops is already available, and an effort to port it to Windows is now under way.
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