Wednesday, January 05, 2005

LSSSE >> Welcome to the Law School Survey of Student Engagement:"Findings from a national survey released on January 5, 2005 show that three-fourths of all law students report their institution emphasizes to a considerable degree the ethical practice of law. Consistent with popular views, JD students report that law school is academically rigorous. Two-thirds of the students spend more than 20 hours per week preparing for class, and more than half reported working harder than they thought they could to meet a faculty member's standards or expectations. Too many students though -- about one-fifth -- say they 'never' get prompt oral or written feedback from faculty members. Even so, more than 80% are satisfied with their overall experience and said they would attend the same law school."

An interesting survey out of the Indiana University School of Education.  A good global look at what law students think about law school.  42 schools participated and 13,000 law students completed the survey.  That's about 23% of ABA accredited schools and just over 10% of the law students in the country. 

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InfoWorld: MySQL readies beta of enterprise open source database: January 04, 2005: By Paul Krill :   - "MySQL at the end of January is expected to release a beta version of its MySQL 5.0 open source database, which is to feature enterprise-level functionality such as stored procedures and triggers, according to a company representative. "
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Book review: Writer. O'Reilly's Writer, by Australian technical writer and active community contributer Jean H. Weber, is an enhanced and updated version of her earlier book, Taming Writer, which was the first book ever published about OOo. This book skips basic functionality and focuses on one OOo component: Writer. It includes a copy of, and has many useful tips for technical writers and advanced OOo users. [NewsForge]
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