Monday, January 03, 2005

NewsForge | Building a distro - "You download a CD or maybe a diskette image, transfer it to the appropriate media, boot your computer with it, and voilà, you're running Linux. It sounds so simple -- but a great deal of work goes into creating that software. Beginning about two years ago, I spent a year and a half building a desktop-oriented GNU/Linux distribution named MfxLinux, designed to be tightly integrated with Crowell Systems' Medformix medical office management system. Along the way, as with any project a lot of design and implementation decisions had to be made -- some of which worked out better than others."

This distro was designed specifically to use with a Linux-based medical office management system.  So, here's the question: what about the legal field?  Can a law office management system based on Linux be developed?  And a distro to go with it?  Sure it could.

9:46:27 AM    

Microsoft: Passport Contracts to be Phased Out - "Two days after eBay's decision to drop support for two key .NET applications, Microsoft continues to stand behind its single sign-on Passport service in comments to the media. But BetaNews has learned Microsoft has no plans to renew contracts for Passport with third-party sites.
Microsoft's initial comments Wednesday evening to BetaNews were quite vague as to the company's true position on the future of Passport.
9:37:46 AM