Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Microsoft Looks to Build Up Office Ecosystem. How do you build a third-party ecosystem around the Microsoft Office System? Invite about 600 of your closest system-integrator and software-vendor partners to a conference at company headquarters in early February to encourage them to develop more Office-based solutions. And that's exactly what Microsoft is doing. [Microsoft Watch from Mary Jo Foley]

There has been a bit of a buzz going on over the past few days or so about this: MS Ofice as a platform, not just an app suite.  Applications are being built on top of Office, so it makes sense.   It also makes sense to envision a Microsoft Windows Business Edition, where the environment is Office, not the windows desktop.  It could be tailored for the increased security needed in a corporate environment.  It is just the flip side of Windows Media Center Edition.

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Legal Technology - Legal Web Watch: Beyond Blogs - "With so much attention focused on the explosive growth of blogs in 2004, other law-related Web sites arrived quietly. Following is a roundup of some useful, intriguing law-related sites that launched this year. "

Reminding us that there is a lot more out there than the blogosphere...

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