Thursday, December 09, 2004

The New York Times > Technology > Circuits > Libraries Reach Out, Online - "THE newest books in the New York Public Library don't take up any shelf space.
They are electronic books - 3,000 titles' worth - and the library's 1.8 million cardholders can point and click through the collection at www, choosing from among best sellers, nonfiction, romance novels and self-help guides. Patrons borrow them for set periods, downloading them for reading on a computer, a hand-held organizer or other device using free reader software. When they are due, the files are automatically locked out - no matter what hardware they are on - and returned to circulation, eliminating late fees.

OK, so NYPL wraps all the goodness of the old-fashioned lending library around those new-fangled electronic books.  Oh Joy!  So much for shifting paradigms...

5:28:07 PM    

Novell Expands Support of Netline's Open-Xchange Server - "Novell Inc. and Netline Internet Service GmbH are expanding their current relationship in a move that will see Novell sell, maintain and support Netline's Open-Xchange Server.
Novell will also now integrate Netline's Open-Xchange Server into its development, partnership and sales processes. Netline's groupware, which is based on the Netline Java Application Server, is already the core engine of Novell´s
SuSE Linux Openexchange Server. "
10:10:18 AM