Monday, September 22, 2003

Red Hat Announces Fedora ProjectRed Hat Annouces Fedors Project: "Red Hat and Fedora Linux are pleased to announce an alignment of their mutually complementary core proficiencies leveraging them synergistically in the creation of the Fedora Project, a paradigm shift for Linux technology development and rolling early deployment models."

RH is finally going through with a revamp of its development strategy first discussed in July.  Basically, free (and retail) RH is going away to be replaced by the Fedora project. RH will focus on enterprise products. This is a business decision, since most of RH's growth has been in the enterprise arena anyway.  I could live without the .com market-speak in the announcement though.  I mean "mutually complementary core proficiencies leveraging ... synergistically in the creation of ...a paradigm shift" is so 90's.  Thanks to Tom Ryan for posting this to teknoids.

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Lights, camera... recall?. The US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is preparing for televised oral arguments in the California recall review case, scheduled to begin at 1 PM Pacific Time (4 PM Eastern Time) today, Monday. The Court has issued a set of Guidelines for Press Coverage[PD [JURIST's Paper Chase]

Must see TV...

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[teknoids] Re: Exams on computers - yet again Sounds like a survey is in order, so here it is:
4 questions: email, school, exams on computers - yes/no, what software if any.
[Teknoids mailing list]
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I want my feeds!Aggreagators everywhere: "A smart approach for Microsoft would be to embrace the quirky weblog world's RSS syndication format, put an advanced RSS aggregator with a world class search engine on everyone's desktop, and extend the RSS format into everything else. The fact that it started with weblogs will be historical errata in five years (and to say that they shouldn't call it RSS is just silly)." [John Robb's Weblog]

I want feeds for everything and an aggregator to deal with them. For example, I'm building the new website. Our main publication is lessons. We issue a CD every August with the newest versions, but updates are done during the year. Feature of the new site: RSS feeds that update whenever a new lesson is published or an exsiting one is changed. The feeds are subject-based (all Contracts lessons). This is not hard to do on the backend, a few more lines of PHP to genereate the RSS file when the database is updated. The hard part is convincing people that installing an aggregator to subscribe to these feeds is a good idea. Of course we'll also do a mailing list thing to publish updates, but the mailing list more technically challenging and requires more bandwidth than the feed.

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Linux Advisory Watch - September 19, 2003. Folks, there are a lot of advisories this week. Be sure to check your distribution carefully, as many of them are significant. This week, advisories were released for mana, pine, gtkhtml, openssh, sendmail, MySQL, xfree86, buffer, kernel, and KDE. The distributors include SCO, Conectiva, Debian, EnGarde, FreeBSD, Gentoo, Immunix, NetBSD, Red Hat, Slackware, SuSE, Trustix, TurboLinux, and Yellow Dog. [Linux.Com: NewsForge Reports]
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php|cruise: The World's First Ever PHP-only Cruise. The publishers of php|architect have announced php|cruise, a five-day cruise to the Bahamas Islands featuring a lot of fun and over thirty different sessions dedicated to PHP from well known experts like Wez Furlong, Alan Knowles and John Coggeshall. The cruise will take place March 1st to 5th, 2004. The organizers have announced a contest to give away one free place on the cruise. [PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor]

Sounds like fun.

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Best Practices for Software Development Projects. 10 simple tips to get projects in on time and within budget. [Computerworld News]

Many of these tips are no-brainers, but it always helps to see them written down.  Take a few minutes and have a look.

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Sun: "We Don't Believe Linux Plays a Role on the Server". Jonathan Schwartz, Sun's executive vice president for software, in an interview in eWeek says:"Also, let me really clear about our Linux strategy. We don't have one. We don't at all. We do not believe that Linux plays a role on the server. Period. If you want to buy it, we will sell it to you, but we believe that Solaris is a better alternative, that is safer, more robust, higher quality and dramatically less expensive in purchase price." [GrokLaw]
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