Thursday, November 18, 2004

Four vendors team up on new standardized Linux - Computerworld - "Four small Linux vendors have joined together to create a new Linux Standard Base 2.0-compliant binary set that they hope will attract independent software vendors and hardware makers to port their wares to the new code.
In an
announcement today, Conectiva SA, MandrakeSoft SA, Progeny Linux Systems Inc. and Turbolinux Inc. said they will share the core binaries in an effort to gain wider use of their products. "

This does look quite a bit like a rehash of United Linux with SUSE and SCO replaced by Mandrake and Progeny.

8:59:13 AM    

Yahoo! News - Microsoft Warns Asian Governments of Linux Lawsuits - "Linux violates more than 228 patents, Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said at the company's Asian Government Leaders Forum in Singapore. He did not provide any details on the alleged violations, which the Linux community disputes. "

Of course he didn't provide any details, because there aren't any.  This is just so much FUD.

8:44:36 AM