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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Introduction to the DHVM. - Stourbridge Lion [ - Newest Topics]
10:15:49 AM    

Slashdot | A Modest Model Railroad

A Modest Model Railroad
Posted by michael on Friday January 23, @08:59PM
from the build-your-own dept.
Endymion53 writes "The TMRC at MIT may be the best known model railroad layout because of its role in the formation of hacking culture, but railroad uber-enthusiast Jack Burgess has built himself a pretty enviable layout, that does its best to capture the look and route of an old rail line that went to Yosemite National park, called the Yosemite Valley railroad. I was tempted to make some crass remarks about having too much time on one's hands, but frankly, the whole thing looks just awesome. He's been working on this thing since 1981."

9:56:43 AM    

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