Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Coindesigner RC1 (Default branch). Screenshot Coindesigner is a RAD (rapid application development) system to build 3D applications using openInventor. It allows to write simple 3D scenarios just using drag&drop, so users require no programming acknowledges at all to use it. It is a system equivalent to Glade or Qt-designer, where one can choose components from the openInventor toolkit, add them somewhere in the scene, and configure them in a very easy way.
A quit dialog, support for the 3ds file format, support for almost every field type of openInventor, the use of [] to identify MF... fields, several views of the nodes tree, and the first release of binaries for Windows. The right mouse button edits SFNode fields in the field editor. Node names (SoBase::name) are edited as fields. [freshmeat.net announcements (Global)]
9:43:20 PM    

FullSync 0.9 (Default branch). Screenshot FullSync is a powerful tool that helps you keep multiple copies of various data in sync. It can update your Web site using FTP and SFTP, back up your data on the local disk or refresh a working copy from a remote server on your local drive using Samba, and much more. It features multiple protocol support, flexible rules, a scheduler, and many other features that give you a solid basis for nearly all situations.
This release provides Samba connection support, two-way synchronization, initial German and Italian localizations, and more stability. [freshmeat.net announcements (Global)]
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emilda.org | Open Source Library Management:"Emilda is a complete Integrated Library System that features amongst others an OPAC, circulation and administration functions, Z39.50 capabilities and 100% MARC compatibility. MARC compatibility is achieved using Zebra in conjunction with MySQL."

Originates in Finland, but has English version.  Seems pretty useful.

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freshmeat.net: Project details for FOX  - "FOX is a C++-based toolkit for GUI development. It includes a rich set of widgets and has powerful yet simple layout managers, MDI widgets, and mega-widgets. FOX incorporates support for XDND for drag and drop, X clipboard and X Selection, watching other I/O channels and sockets, timers and idle processing, object serialization and deserialization, a registry to save persistent settings, and 3D widgets using Mesa or OpenGL. FOX works on Linux, IRIX, Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, Tru64 Unix, Windows 9x,NT,2K (VC++, GNUWIN32, Borland, VisualAge C++), FreeBSD, and Sequent. "
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freshmeat.net: Project details for FeedPod - "FeedPod is a text-to-speech RSS1, RSS2, and ATOM0.3 syndication feed reader that can either play a feed over the Web using HTTP streaming and a ShoutCast-style playlist, or generate a Podcast feed for syncing to your portable MP3 player. It deploys as a Java WAR Web application. "

OK, if I read this right, this little gizmo will take your feed, or any feed you throw at it and read it back to you as a podcast.  That's cool.

12:46:29 PM