IT Staffing for Law Schools

This session will take a look at some of the issues surrounding structuring, staffing, managing, and maintaining information technology departments in law schools.  As IT exapnds into all areas of the institution, law schools are faced with a number of difficult organizational and cultural questions: how big should an IT department be? Who should IT report to?  Where will IT live in organization?  How is IT funded?

These are difficult questions with difficult answers.  To help find the answers law schools need to acknowledge that IT is central to the mission of the institution, that IT is more than just the helpdesk, and that proper investment in IT can produce a real return that will enhance the efficency and status of the school.  Once  these issues are acknowledged, law schools can begin taking a real look at IT staffing  questions: What sorts of skills do I need IT?  How do I retain IT staff? 

All of these questions will be explored during this session, in the context of the ideal law school environment based on results of a recent of law school technology.