Technology Briefing - March 2002

  1. Life after Lawlink update
    1. NIMS is running at
      1. You can login using your Novell userid and password
      2. If you login, please use the system with care:  Any mail intended to reach folks in the law school MUST be addressed to; if is used, email will be only delivered to the NIMS system itself.
      3. NIMS will become when the transition is complete.
    2. NIMS FAQ is available at:
    3. Timeline
      • March 1 - Installation of NIMS on production server
      • March 8 - NIMS FAQ released 
      • March 15 - NIMS ready for production use; all new staff accounts created here, not on Lawlink
      • March 22 - NIMS transition documentation released
      • April 1 - Initial volunteer group of staff and faculty 'alpha testers' begin transition process from Lawlink to NIMS
      • April 1 - IT staff begin installation of desktop email client
      • April 15 - Larger volunteer group of 'beta testers' transition from Lawlink to NIMS
      • May 15 -  Client installations complete; General transition begins
      • July 1 - Transition complete.  All faculty and staff now use NIMS
    4. Keep in mind Meeting Maker for calendaring and Blackboard for course support
  2. Web Redesign: A sneak peek
    1. New homepage design to be launched on March 18, 2002
    2. Sneak peek here, please remember this is a work in progress and is subject to change.
    3. New design is lighter, faster, modular, dynamic
    4. Much content is generated from databases
  3. In Search of a Killer App: How to Ignite the Use of Technology to Alter Legal Academia
    1. A paper to be presented at the Workshop on Technology, Legal Information, and Legal Knowledge, sponsored by the University at Buffalo Law School and the Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy, March 15, 2002.
    2. The 'killer app' is Radio.